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Stepping It Up

Posted by Diane Jamgochian on

Life can often be compared to the ever-dreaded stair workout: Some fitness-goers prefer to plunge forward without looking back at the previous step, soldiering on in an attempt to achieve the body they crave.  Others may begin and quickly regret the choice to partake in such a workout, receiving a screaming reminder through their burning thighs, rapid breathing, and pounding heart.  And the last crowd may avoid the stairs altogether, instead preferring to please their sweet tooth during a Netflix binge (..because digesting a molten lava cake occasionally counts as cardio, right?)  And depending on the person, a daily routine can mirror these tendencies of being driven, flirting with doubts, or needing a break from it all. 

On days when your workout mojo is particularly waning, keep this in mind: A 2014 study from Oregon State University found that when it comes to exercise, low intensity is better than no intensity. After examining the movement patterns of over 5,500 adults, those with a less sedentary lifestyle were reported to have better insulin and triglyceride levels, which can decrease the risk of diabetes.  While the average adult should shoot for at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily, the takeaway is that anything is better than just sitting on your rear.  "Someone just ambling along on a leisurely stroll may not get the same benefits as someone moving briskly, or what we call a 'New York City' walk, but it still is much better than lying on the couch watching tv," says Paul Loprinzi, lead author of the study.

If your mind has been screaming chocolate cake since it was mentioned, go indulge, but make tomorrow your mission to hop back on the exercise bandwagon. If you're feeling motivated, put all desserts and doubts aside, slip into a pair of ZIANE leggings, and crank out this fat-blasting stair workout.  And just as in real life, feel free to go at your own (moderate or intense) pace.

Run up 3x, walk down
10 pushups at the top
10 squats at the bottom
Run up 3x, walk down
60 second plank at the top
10 lunges at the bottom
Run up 3x, walk down
10 burpees at the top
60 second superman hold
Run up 3x, walk down
Rest for 60 seconds
Repeat workout 1-2 more times as desired


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